Palm Bus
Printing date: 1/24/2021

Paying your fare

Every traveler should be provided with a valid ticket or pass.

  • When you make a journey, you have to pay for a ticket on the bus, use a pass or pre-purchased smart card.
  • Tickets must be retained at all times during your journey for inspection by a "Palm Bus" employee. We cannot replace or reissue damaged, lost or mutilated tickets that have been bought on the bus.
  • Tickets are not transferable between passengers when making journeys, and can only be used by the person buying the ticket and must not be resold or given away for further use.

→ Validate to each journey. Connection authorized within 59 minutes.

Return journeys with the same ticket are not authorized.

Free for child under 4

Children under 4 may travel free with an adult passenger.


Please retain your ticket or your smart card, in good condition, and make them available for inspection, when asked for by a member of "Palm Bus" staff.


Penalty fares

Anyone who does not have a valid ticket for their journey will be liable to pay a penalty fare,
from 33€ (“ticket not validated”) up to 50€ (“No ticket”).

Infractions à la Police des Services de transports publics de voyageurs

How to pay a penalty fare?

  • Service « Prévention et fraude »
    Agence Commerciale de Cannes – Place Bernard Cornut-Gentille
    Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00
  • PALM BUS sales offices
    See contact information and schedules
  • By post:
    En chèque à bancaire à l’ordre du Trésor Public
    To :
    Communauté d’agglomération des Pays de Lérins – Régie PALM BUS
    Service prévention et fraude – CS 50 044 – 06414 CANNES CEDEX

 You can appeal within 60 days at the same address. Please include the following information with your appeal:

  • N°, date,
  • Daytime telephone number or email address,
  • Statement explaining why you couldn't produce a valid ticket for your journey.
    If your appeal is unsuccessful and you don't pay the Penalty fare, we will take further action.